1stTruckingFactoring has a dedicated team of transportation experts specializing in freight funding options for the trucking/transportation industry.   We are an online division of Corporate Finance New York, established in 1978 and a gateway to flexible funding solutions for the trucking and transportation industry.  We bring a network of subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates and partners all working together to achieve one goal, which is to provide a real cash flow solution to carriers and freight brokerages on a global scale, which includes the whole United States, Canada and certain countries in Europe and Asia.

Our funding options include freight factoring, receivables line of credit, equipment financing and other options under rates and terms that are very competitive, for example, our 90-day rate for freight factoring is as low as 0.75% with program features that include non-notification and non-recourse factoring.

New era of commitment

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We have introduced a new era of commitment to the trucking and transportation community and we strive for the financial success of our clients, which include startups, 1 truck owner-operators, freight brokers to multi-fleet carriers.

1stTruckingFactoring understands the cash flow challenges that trucking and transportation companies face daily, and their need for a quick and flexible solution. We offer a simple and straightforward application process and proposing the best deal and getting you funded quickly is our primary objective.

Our ideal customer is a seasoned trucking or transportation company that is seeking factoring and requiring minimum monthly advances of $750,000 to $35 million or more.  However, through our affiliates and partners we can fund smaller trucking companies and startups seeking freight factoring advances as low as $5,000.

We are also part of an enhanced international freight factoring affiliate network that integrates local knowledge and local people to provide a unique and tailored service to clients in seventeen countries, and a range of freight factoring programs that can help fund most situations-special circumstances including start-ups and certain clients with financial and legal issues.

Our funding capacity offer clients stability and significant cash availability for their continued growth.  You will be dealing with an experienced trucking and transportation factoring specialist, a person that understands the trucking and transportation business and the need for a quick funding solution.

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